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Let’s Talk About Organic Search

First and foremost, you will notice I used the term “organic search” instead of “SEO.”  I tend to gravitate to the terms “paid search” and “organic search” because they are easier for the… Continue reading

It’s All Fun & Games Until Somebody Loses a Pie

When you’re managing a social strategy it’s vital to regularly run and analyze reports. Time consuming, yes, but this is how you can really learn what works and what doesn’t. There’s much more to it… Continue reading

Google is Literally Illiterate.

Originally published August 14, 2013 by Kendall Larson For years I have cringed every time I hear a person say “literally” when the word he or she is searching for is “figuratively.” I… Continue reading

Amy Rockin’ Glass

    Amy took Google Glass for a test drive and, as we expected, thought it was pretty nifty. She looks about 10x more like a techie wearing it, so there’s that.

Paula Knorr’s “Got This” – Crushes Creative Yet Again

It’s easy to sit around a conference table with coffee and donuts and start letting the ideas fly. Bringing them to life – that’s another story. When CrushIQ joined forces with NOS Energy… Continue reading

Our Race to the Top of Digital with NASCAR’s Winningest Team

From Zero to 2.9 Million with Roush Fenway Racing In 2012 NASCAR’s winningest team was on top of the racing world, but falling behind in that of the digital. Roush Fenway Racing was… Continue reading