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I am beyond thrilled that Facebook has launched a “Donate Now” button for non-profit organizations.  It’s been a long time coming. Facebook has decided to partner with 19 charities for their initial rollout… Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words and a Ton of Success

What happens when Facebook sees a decline in teen engagement? They try to buy the company that’s seen an upsurge in teen engagement: Snapchat. In November, $3 billion was offered to Snapchat from… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Organic Search

First and foremost, you will notice I used the term “organic search” instead of “SEO.”  I tend to gravitate to the terms “paid search” and “organic search” because they are easier for the… Continue reading

Google is Literally Illiterate.

Originally published August 14, 2013 by Kendall Larson For years I have cringed every time I hear a person say “literally” when the word he or she is searching for is “figuratively.” I… Continue reading