Your Website is a Living Thing

At CrushIQ, we approach digital marketing in a digestible manner with our clients.  The visual below showcases what we recommend clients tackle first as a part of their digital strategy.  Yes, your website and social media are the most important initially because they are your “owned” properties.


 In Phase 2, CrushIQ recommends organic search, digital paid media and email as we flip the coin to  “drive customers to your website.”

 All that said, as your business grows and evolves so should your website.  As marketers, often what happens is we finish the website launch or redesign, check it off our list and then move on to other things… next thing you know, your website and technology can be outdated.

We recommend that you “earmark” dollars in your budget annually (or at the very least every other year) for website redesign and technology enhancements because at the rate that devices and technology change it’s better to be safe then sorry.

 Below are a 5 questions that may help you decide if it’s time for a website redesign:

  1. Is your website the best representation of your brand?
  2. How does your website compare to the competition?
  3. How does your website compare to best class in web design?
  4. Is your website device agnostic, meaning is it designed and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile phones?
  5. Is the navigation simple and easy?  How does your navigation compare to how customers spend time on your website?

Have you built your website and checked it off your list?  Do you think it’s time to consider a website redesign based on your answers to the questions above?  If so, CrushIQ would love to help you with your company’s website redesign.  You can contact us at

Author:  Katie McCormick


Katie McCormick is our Vice President of Digital at CrushIQ.  She recently moved to Wilmington, NC to join our team.  Prior to Wilmington, Katie lived in Manhattan where she ran digital at Revlon, Macy’s and New York & Company.  Three things about Katie: 1) She loves yoga, 2) Her friends and family sometimes call her iKatie and 3) Katie thinks y’all is the best word EVER!