At CrushIQ, one of our digital marketing mantras is “just because you build it does NOT mean they will come.”   It doesn’t matter how big or small your brand is….you must drive customers to your website through digital marketing as well traditional marketing.   

Below are two ways to ensure that your brand is top of mind:

1)   First and foremost, put your website URL on ALL marketing collateral.  Did we mention ALL marketing?  Yes, that includes billboards, magazine ads, TV, radio, business cards, trade show booths…basically anything and everything that you can think of. 

2)   Next it’s key to think like the customer.  Once we’ve wrapped our head around that, enter digital media stage right!  Paid search, display retargeting and Facebook retargeting are powerful ways to drive incremental sales and steal share from your competition.  These tactics allow you to reach various customers at various stages in THEIR purchase funnel.

 Remember:   Just because you build it does NOT mean they will come.  You have to drive people to your website!!  


Author:  Katie McCormick


Katie McCormick is our Vice President of Digital at CrushIQ.  She recently moved to Wilmington, NC to join our team.  Prior to Wilmington, Katie lived in Manhattan where she ran digital at Revlon, Macy’s and New York & Company.  Three things about Katie: 1) She loves yoga, 2) Her friends and family sometimes call her iKatie and 3) Katie thinks y’all is the best word EVER!