What’s your “WHY?”


One of the first things we want to help a new client discover is their “Why?” Why you? Why will your clients pick you over the competition? Why are you special, unique, desirable, different, useful, courageous, the one? Why are you doing what you are doing, building what you are building, producing what you are producing?

Everyone, every place, every thing has a “Why.” So what is yours? It’s your “Why” that people will buy; it’s your “Why” that will make people believe you are special, it’s your “Why” that will make people believe you can change their life for the better.

We often say our job is to change a point on a map into a place in someone’s heart. Well, that place in someone’s heart is your “Why.”

Answer the “Why” first; the who, when and where will follow. 


Author: Kelly Burnette

Kelly Burnette is the Co-founder of CrushIQ.  Three random things about Kelly: 1) She thinks chocolate holds the secret to magical cures, 2) Kelly sings like an angel when alone in her car and 3) Thinks laughing is only second to chocolate for curing what ails you.