I am beyond thrilled that Facebook has launched a “Donate Now” button for non-profit organizations.  It’s been a long time coming.

Facebook has decided to partner with 19 charities for their initial rollout and more will be added long term.  You can find out more here (http://bit.ly/1cMGrlo ) about which charities are involved for the initial rollout!

It’s the holidays….pick a charity and go donate!


Author: Katie McCormick
CrushIQ Katie McCormick

Katie McCormick is our Vice President of Digital at CrushIQ.  She recently moved to Wilmington, NC to join our team.  Prior to Wilmington, Katie lived in Manhattan where she ran digital at Revlon, Macy’s and New York & Company.  Three things about Katie: 1) She loves yoga, 2) Her friends and family sometimes call her iKatie and 3) Katie thinks y’all is the best word EVER!