A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words and a Ton of Success

What happens when Facebook sees a decline in teen engagement? They try to buy the company that’s seen an upsurge in teen engagement: Snapchat. In November, $3 billion was offered to Snapchat from Facebook, only to be declined. Not surprisingly, Instagram (owned by Facebook) recently released the new Instagram Direct feature, allowing you to share a photo with only a select person or group of people.

Snapchat is a photo-sharing app that Millennials – specifically teens – have recently fallen in love with due to the ability to easily pick and choose who sees what photos and videos. So, how are the two apps different? Instagram Direct allows commenting. Plus, the sender and receiver can see the post whenever they want (as opposed to Snapchat photos which can only be viewed for mere seconds). BUT! If the sender deletes the photo, it and its comments are gone forever.

Instagram Direct is the best of both the Snapchat and text messaging worlds: The selectivity and two-way conversation of texts with the laid back and quirky nature of Snapchat. But will the Millennials deem it an uncool knock-off? Or will it be love at first sight, bringing Snapchat to its burning demise… kind of like Vine after Instagram released its video feature. RIP Vine.

I think Instagram Direct will be a hit amongst current Instagram users, but not the teens they’re hoping to attract. Sorry Instagram, but I think Snapchat has won them over for the long haul. Strategist and Principal of CrushIQ, Kelly, happens to think Instagram will win this battle.

Well, don’t just sit there… what do YOU think?