Let’s Talk About Organic Search

First and foremost, you will notice I used the term “organic search” instead of “SEO.”  I tend to gravitate to the terms “paid search” and “organic search” because they are easier for the non-geeks to understand.

Organic search changes all the time. And then, when you factor in the Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates that have been implemented in the last 24 months as well as social media…. it can be a bit of “who is on first” as the saying goes!

Below are a few things to think about relative to organic search for your brand:

  1. Content, content, content – It’s all about social media. Think about how you can ensure your online customer is walking away with a positive return on investment.  Your brand should be a “story-doer” and not simply a “storyteller.”
  2. Site organization – You want to build/maintain a clean and simple URL structure.
  3. Be an authority – One key to organic search is ensuring that your brand is viewed as an expert on the keywords and topics that you want to rank well on.

Does your brand need help with organic search?  CrushIQ would love to help you.  I am a firm believer that organic search is the second place a brand should be spending their digital dollar.  FYI, the first is always their website and mobile experiences!  Organic search is your “low hanging” fruit in the digital ecosystem!

Author: Katie McCormick
CrushIQ Katie McCormick

Katie McCormick is our Vice President of Digital at CrushIQ.  She recently moved to Wilmington, NC to join our team.  Prior to Wilmington, Katie lived in Manhattan where she ran digital at Revlon, Macy’s and New York & Company.  Three things about Katie: 1) She loves yoga, 2) Her friends and family sometimes call her iKatie and 3) Katie thinks y’all is the best word EVER!