What Makes Up a Post? Complete with Cheesy Holiday References

CrushIQ Social Turkey

When you’re creating a post for one of your social channels, is it an off-the-hip post you think up on the spot, or is it multifaceted and meaningful? Hopefully the latter, but what’s that entail? Well, think of it in terms of the common “must-haves” on your turkey-day dinner plate:

Think of the turkey on your plate as the FACT behind your post – the main message of importance. This is what you really need your viewers to grasp, but if we’re being honest, it can often be a little bland on its own. Without the turkey, you’re really missing the point of Thanksgiving, but you need to dress it up.

Or the stuffing, whatever you’d like to call it. This is the emotion you tie into your post, whether it’s a humorous play on words, a powerful statement, or an engaging question. When you pair it with the turkey, the two come together to complement each other perfectly. But alone it’s just dense with no real value, like a joke that leads to nothing of relevance to your business. So make sure the personality shown in your post is directly related to your main message and will help SEO with important key words – don’t be distracted by the fun of creating the emotion and neglect the importance of the facts. The best stuffing recipes utilize the flavors of the bird.

Okay, any veggie will do, but the point is you have some form of vegetable to balance out all the other items on your plate to ensure your meal includes an ounce of health. Keeping your health box checked is like monitoring your insights. Making sure to track any links you include and monitor your clicks, likes, comments, and shares gives you the ability to ensure your post stays healthy and balanced, being viewed by a variety of people in various locations that are important to you. Neglecting the vegetable is no bueno, and neglecting your insights is equally bad news.

Everyone loves a good pie after letting their main course settle – it’s simply enjoyable, like a photo, video, or infographic used with your post. Pies are a simple but beautiful dessert, often grabbing attention and creating a “drooling” sensation in dinner guests. I mean really, who doesn’t get excited for dessert? Just like dessert attracts hungry guests, it’s important to have an attention–grabbing aspect of your post, otherwise you just have words, which lack the ability to stand out amongst the rest. So find a funny photo, an interesting article link, an informative video, or something else visual that is relevant to your message, and use it to your advantage to make your viewers “drool” over your business.

Alright everyone, with that in mind… get cookin’!