Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Our Youngest Employee

Specializes in coloring. Gets paid in candy. Meet Ethan, Kelly’s youngest. We’re proud to have him as part of the CrushIQ team. Even if it is just for one day while he’s out… Continue reading

Toilet Paper Insights

CrushIQ gets down with logic beyond what’s on the screen. But Kelly, what do you define as backwards??

This Shirt Is “NOSOME”

When working with NOS Energy Drink & Ricky Stenhouse Jr., we received some pretty “nosome” prize packs in the mail. Work perks!

Amy In Zen

Did you know that whenever she can, Amy ditches the desk for the couch in her office? She makes some tea (yes, she has a tea maker device of sorts right in there… Continue reading

Big Things Coming Soon

Kelly gave as a presentation on some of her big upcoming plans. We’d tell you what they are… but then we’d have to kill you. Stay tuned!

Google is Literally Illiterate.

Originally published August 14, 2013 by Kendall Larson For years I have cringed every time I hear a person say “literally” when the word he or she is searching for is “figuratively.” I… Continue reading

Monitoring Ain’t Monkey Business

Monitoring the progress of our #IMNOSOME campaign for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and NOS Energy Drink

Amy Rockin’ Glass

    Amy took Google Glass for a test drive and, as we expected, thought it was pretty nifty. She looks about 10x more like a techie wearing it, so there’s that.