Your Website is a Living Thing

At CrushIQ, we approach digital marketing in a digestible manner with our clients.  The visual below showcases what we recommend clients tackle first as a part of their digital strategy.  Yes, your website… Continue reading


At CrushIQ, one of our digital marketing mantras is “just because you build it does NOT mean they will come.”   It doesn’t matter how big or small your brand is….you must drive customers… Continue reading

What’s your “WHY?”

One of the first things we want to help a new client discover is their “Why?” Why you? Why will your clients pick you over the competition? Why are you special, unique, desirable,… Continue reading

Social media shouldn’t be your total digital strategy….

Social media is only a part of your company’s overall digital marketing ecosystem This visual showcases how we think about the digital ecosystem: It’s made up of four key components: Your company’s properties… Continue reading


I am beyond thrilled that Facebook has launched a “Donate Now” button for non-profit organizations.  It’s been a long time coming. Facebook has decided to partner with 19 charities for their initial rollout… Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words and a Ton of Success

What happens when Facebook sees a decline in teen engagement? They try to buy the company that’s seen an upsurge in teen engagement: Snapchat. In November, $3 billion was offered to Snapchat from… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Organic Search

First and foremost, you will notice I used the term “organic search” instead of “SEO.”  I tend to gravitate to the terms “paid search” and “organic search” because they are easier for the… Continue reading

What Makes Up a Post? Complete with Cheesy Holiday References

When you’re creating a post for one of your social channels, is it an off-the-hip post you think up on the spot, or is it multifaceted and meaningful? Hopefully the latter, but what’s… Continue reading

CrushIQ Hires Katie McCormick as VP of Digital

CrushIQ Hires Leading Digital Marketer for Top Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods Brands, Katie McCormick, as VP of Digital CrushIQ, a leading digital marketing and consulting boutique, announces that Katie McCormick joins the… Continue reading

Building a Community Before a Community Exists

Digital media is not reserved for only a handful of “techie” industries – it’s useful to everyone. And proof of this is Compass Pointe, a distinctive resort-style community located here in Wilmington, NC.… Continue reading